HILLSBOROUGH: Campaign signs show disrespect, he says

Letter to the editor

To the editor:
I actually like campaign signs. It shows a level of excitement about politics and citizen action. But I’m also glad there are rules limiting size and placement so they don’t create hazards by blocking street signs or lines of site, and they aren’t so large that they detract from roadside views. Our town government sets these rules and all campaigns need to abide by them.
However our Republican candidates in Hillsborough are violating these rules. They have produced oversized signs for Tomson & McCauley and set them up on multiple sites in town. If they choose to disregard or violate their own sensible rules during campaign season, what can we expect of them if re-elected?
Please join me to vote for candidates who not only respect good ordinances — even if someone else’s ideas — but also have plenty of their own good ideas to share. Vote for Le and Beggiato on Nov. 4 for Township Committee.
Peter Szego 
Hillsborough 