Weichert Workforce Mobility earns most ‘Best In Class’ ratings

Weichert Workforce Mobility, one of the world’s leading providers of talent deployment solutions, earned more “best in class” ratings from corporate relocation managers than any other relocation service supplier in the Thirteenth Annual Relocation Managers Survey.

Conducted by Trippel Survey & Research, this survey is the only industry-wide evaluation of its kind to rank the quality of service provided by relocation companies based on input from managers of corporate relocation programs.

The 2014 survey represents the second consecutive year in which Weichert has earned the most “best in class” ratings of any relocation company. Weichert also outranked all other companies in the “value for price paid” category and was the only company to achieve an “excellent” rating in this category.

In the survey’s “overall satisfaction” category, Weichert earned the highest percentage of “top block” scores and the highest net satisfaction rating among the industry’s four largest global suppliers — a rating that was three times higher than those of the other three companies.

Weichert also ranked first among the four largest global suppliers in the “willingness to recommend” category, which is widely considered to be the truest indicator of brand advocacy.

“Results such as these are a great source of pride for Weichert Workforce Mobility,” said Dave Bencivengo, executive vice president. “They are also validation that our brand promise and value proposition are resonating with corporate mobility managers and that our client service represents a true competitive differentiator.”

Perhaps more impressive is that Weichert Workforce Mobility achieved these results even as the overall level of service within the industry trends downward.

“The survey showed significant increase in the number of corporate managers who felt that their provider’s service levels deteriorated over the past year: 23.5 percent in 2014 versus seven percent in 2013,” said Alan Trippel, architect of the survey. “Conversely, Weichert has achieved increasingly higher service satisfaction ratings across the last three surveys.”

Weichert also earned “excellent” ratings in several critical categories, including cultural fit and partnership, integrity, financial stability, reliability and flexibility, as well as “likeliness to use this supplier one year from now.” “We’re proud to achieve excellence in these categories because they are vital to companies seeking relocation providers,” said Jim Schneider, executive vice president. “Although these attributes can be difficult to assess through traditional sourcing methods, this survey provides a solid proof source and objective evidence of how we stand apart from our competitors.”

Weichert Workforce Mobility is one of the world’s leading global workforce mobility companies, making it faster, easier and more cost-effective for clients to deploy key talent and transfer critical skills. As an independently owned company, they offer flexibility and responsiveness to meet any workforce mobility need, anywhere in the world, whether your company moves 10 or 10,000 employees. They also provide the industry’s deepest global service scope, including global tax and compensation management. For more information, visit weichertworkforcemobility.com.