Many questions surround the PARCC test

I am writing in response to Managing Editor Mark Rosman’s recent column, “Attention Must Be Paid to Parents’ Views on Testing.”

What Howell K-8 School District Superintendent of Schools Joseph Isola neglects to mention is that there are significant concerns with the PARCC test and with Pearson, the corporation responsible for creating the PARCC test — so much so that 13 of the original 23 states have already pulled out. We are not some two-county grassroots movement. Parents across the country are opposed to PARCC.

Three districts in New Jersey already have refusal policies in place so kids will not be put in the position Mr. Isola describes in Mr. Rosman’s column. If the superintendent is so concerned about our students, maybe he should make a standard refusal policy for all.

Genna Banafato