Resident concerned about intersection

At the corner of Amboy and Eggert avenues — one of the busiest intersections in the borough — the administration and Public Works Department have blatantly neglected the repair and maintenance of the road surface. (As such, they act in concert with the county, which has shared responsibility.)

On the day before Christmas — no, this isn’t a holiday poem — the area was hit by heavy rain daylong. At said intersection, there was flooding several inches deep, covering the curb and corners of Eggert to the center line of Amboy. Traffic flow and driver safety were conspicuously affected, as well as the quality of life of the neighboring residents. Not only was the “horn music” of the traffic an annoyance, but the erosion caused by this chronic condition has caused deep gashes to the road surface and the manholes located there, causing a drumroll of loud thuds as traffic drives over.

This chronic and dangerous hazard has been reported to the borough and county on numerous prior occasions — to no avail.

There seems to be clear and gross negligence and dereliction of duty by both borough and county officials. Hopefully, they will read this and remediate the problem before the conditions worsen with winter.

Raymond G. Douglas