High school basketball team shows youngsters the ropes


METUCHEN — Varsity basketball players from the boys and girls teams at Metuchen High School took a recent trip to Moss School to teach the kindergarten students some basic basketball skills.

Robin Darrah of Moss School organized the gathering to give the younger students a more intimate knowledge of the sport.

The players started by introducing themselves to the students and explaining how they work as a team to be more successful. They also demonstrated some of the drills they do before their games and practices to get warmed up, such as layups and jump shots.

The team members proceeded by demonstrating chest passes and bounce passes, and then got the younger students involved by letting them pass the ball.

To end each session, the varsity players played boys against girls. The kids chanted in support of their favored group.

Liane Cifrodelli, Samantha Streckfuss and Emily Buchanon faced off against Tom Chalker and Artie Flaherty.

Tom and Artie put on a show for the kids, passing the ball off the backboard to each other and making some no-look passes. The girls also showed their skills, making outside shots and passes, and dribbling to the basket.

The session ended with a line of high-fives, just like at the end of a regular basketball game.