The myth about root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a sequence of treatments used to eliminate infection from the pulp of a tooth.The pulp chambers are the hollow spaces deep within the tooth that contain nerves, blood vessels, and other structures. Root canals are one of the most widely used methods to clean infected teeth and avoid painful and costly tooth extractions.

However, we have learned that many patients greatly fear root canal treatments, worried that they are extremely painful. The fact is that most patients in need of a root canal treatment are already in a great deal of pain and only receive relief from treatment.

When the enamel of a tooth becomes cracked, or chipped, or gets overrun by tooth decay and cavities, the pulp of the tooth may become infected and this will result in a very painful sensation. In order to treat the tooth your mouth will be completely numbed — so despite the rumors, you won’t feel a thing. The dentist will then proceed to drill into the tooth until the pulp chamber is reached, the pulp will be extracted and the infection eliminated with a thorough cleaning and disinfection. A filling will be used to seal off your tooth and prevent further infection. If you are in pain and believe that you may be suffering from a tooth infection, contact your dentist today to learn about your treatment options, including root canal therapy.

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