PRINCETON: Police say threatening message at Riverside School was a hoax

Dismissal and after-school activities went on as normal Tuesday afternoon at Princeton Public Schools after a hoax threat in the morning led officials to keep students inside for the school day.
“I want to thank the police, our administrators, and our staff for their prompt and professional response to the situation we experienced today,” Superintendent of Schools Steve Cochrane said in a statement. “They collaborated to ensure the safety of our children and to maintain a calm and productive learning environment in each of our schools.”
A pre-recorded message was called into Riverside Elementary School around 10 a.m. in which a female caller, claiming to be armed, threatened to harm the children, according to district and Princeton police officials. Police determined the call was a hoax called “swatting,” Mr. Cochrane said.
“Swatting has become more prevalent in New Jersey in the past year and involves contacting an individual or an institution with a false report designed to elicit a response from a SWAT team,” he said. “The calls can be generated from another state or even another country.”
Princeton Police Sgt. Steven Riccitello said detectives are trying to determine the origin of this morning’s call.
Police said they had increased their patrols of other schools in town and remained at Riverside the entire day.
Police said they were not aware of any other schools in the area receiving a similar phony threat today. 