Howell adds left-turn lane

Staff Writer

HOWELL — An examination of a congested area on Route 33 has resulted in the creation of a left-turn lane at the entrance to the Equestra adult community.

The Township Council worked with the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to address the matter. During the process, the council passed a resolution supporting the creation of a left-turn lane at the intersection of Route 33 and East Hastings Lane.

Motorists heading west on Route 33 are now able to enter the new lane and turn left into Equestra.

Motorists who do not enter Equestra are able to continue west on Route 33 in the existing lane of travel.

According to the council’s resolution, the project will improve driving conditions on Route 33.

A traffic investigation conducted by the DOT revealed issues at the intersection in regard to safety, according to Kevin Israel, public information officer for the DOT.

“The investigation in Howell revealed there were a significant number of rear-end crashes at the intersection of Route 33 and East Hastings Road, and it was determined that a left-turn-only lane was warranted to alleviate congestion at the intersection and to increase safety for motorists turning onto East Hastings Road from Route 33 westbound,” Israel said.

As part of the process to establish a turn lane, the DOT requires a municipality to adopt a resolution of concurrence in support of the proposal, Israel said. The Howell council complied with that request.

A short distance from the entrance to Equestra, plans call for a red-and-yellow blinker light at the intersection of Route 33 and Colts Neck Road to be replaced by a full traffic signal in the near future.