HOPEWELL VALLEY: Ruth Luse a valued, trusted, much loved and respected friend

Kim Bruno, Jean Gianacaci, Heidi Kahme,
Linda Maiden, Vanessa Sandom, Sheryl Stone, Sally Turner, Lisa Wolff 
She was hoping to make 50 years, but that’s not the case for Ruth Luse, the editor of this newspaper.
Do you think for a minute it will be easy to retire this newspaper lady born with ink in her veins?
For 49 years, Ruth has chronicled and cheered us and helped us become a cohesive community of neighbors.
In1966, when Ruth started at the newspaper:
The average cost of a new home was $14,200.
Gas was $.32 gallon.
And the average yearly income was $6,900.
Bob Hope hosted the Oscars, and “A Man for all Seasons” won best picture.
Lyndon Johnson was president, and Ronald Reagan became the governor of California.
In Hopewell Valley, the Hopewell Valley Regional School District was 1 year old.
Ten years earlier — Feb. 9, 1956 — the Hopewell Valley News — six pages long — hit the newsstands for the first time. It cost $.05/week or $2/year to subscribe.
Ten years later, along came Ms. Luse, who has been chronicling our lives week by week ever since.
It’s been an interesting run of nearly 50 years for Ruth, years filled with joy, laughter and interesting happenings in Hopewell Valley.
But through it all, Ruth was steadfast — devoting her energy and amazing talents to the weekly newspaper that became the trusted, dependable voice of Hopewell Valley.
Ruth, we will all miss you at the helm of the Hopewell Valley News. While your title may change, we know that you won’t be forgotten.
With your deep appreciation of our history and understanding of our Valley, your voice will continue to be valued and trusted as our much-loved and well respected friend. 
Kim Bruno 
Jean Gianacaci 
Heidi Kahme 
Linda Maiden 
Vanessa Sandom 
Sheryl Stone 
Sally Turner 
Lisa Wolff 
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