LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Make tennis court repairs a priority

To the editor: 
I am writing to you about the abysmal and unsafe conditions of the tennis courts on Wiltshire Drive. I have contacted the mayor and others about this problem in past years but have been told this is not a priority and the repair of the tennis courts was not in the budget.
As you can see from the attached pictures, these courts are completely uncared for and unmaintained. These courts are practically unusable in addition to being unsafe. As is evident from one of the pictures, the cracks are in some cases big enough to cause one to trip and fall. This presents a liability concern for the township.
It is particularly galling to me that these courts have gone untended in light of the prominent sign placed right next door at the East Windsor Municipal Water Authority that is no doubt costly, conveys messages that are unneeded (the day of the week and the temperature), and brings a commercial feel to a residential neighborhood. Surely the money would have been better spent and yielded greater value to the residents of this community if it was put to use on the tennis courts.
In an effort to try to understand why this situation exists, I have the following questions:
Is someone assigned to maintain these courts — if for no reason other than to fix the nets?
When was the last time someone from the township actually tended to the courts?
When do records indicate that the courts were last paved or refinished?
Is there any plan to refinish these courts? When?
Why has the township not attended to these courts in the past?
I look forward to a response. 
Dr. Kenneth Shore 
East Windsor 