EAST WINDSOR: Town to install generators

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
EAST WINDSOR — The township will purchase two more generators with a grant it is receiving.
The Community Education Grant totals $206,750, according to Mayor Janice Mironov.
“It’s an important project,” said Mayor Mironov. “I was excited that we were able to procure the funding to install permanent generators in two of our public buildings.”
One generator will be installed in the Public Works facility.
“To ensure that they can operate all the time,” Mayor Mironov said.
The other generator will be installed at the East Windsor Township Senior Center.
“This would allow us to have in town a backup site, a shelter,” Mayor Mironov said. “There is a kitchen there and lots of other facilities.”
The generator would allow the township to use the senior center for the community in emergency situations, the mayor added.
The mayor asked the council to look at the plans and proposed locations of the generators and asked if there were any questions or suggestions.
“Before we finalize our process, and we do have bid specifications, we do have an opportunity to make changes to them before we begin the bids,” she said.
Councilman John Zoller asked about the capacity of the generators.
“Will the capacity of these generators allow the full use of the facilities that they are servicing,” he said.
Mayor Mironov said that it is being evaluated.
She noted the generator the township has now services the police area but not the court area of the building where it is installed. 