PLAINSBORO: Public Works employees receive 2 percent raise from council

By Lea Kahn, Staff Writer
PLAINSBORO — The Township’s Department of Public Works employees will receive a 2 percent salary hike, under the terms of a salary ordinance adopted by Township Committee last week.
Township Committee held a public hearing and gave final approval to the ordinance Aug. 12. It had been introduced last month, after Township Committee ratified the collective bargaining agreement between itself and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 701.
The salary ordinance, which is retroactive to 2014, sets out the minimum and maximum salaries for the four titles covered by the union — mechanic, machine operator/laborer, assistant mechanic and facilities maintenance technician.
Mechanics will earn between $41,906 and $65,881 for 2014. This year, the salary range is between $42,744 and $67,198. And in the final year of the three-year contract, the range is between $43,599 and $68,542.
The ordinance sets the salary range for machine operators/laborers and assistant mechanics at $41,675 and $58,543 in 2014. This year, the salary range is between $42,509 and $59,714. Next year, it will be between $43,359 and $60,908.
Facilities maintenance technicians will earn between $42,707 and $67,377 in 2014. They are being paid between $42,509 and $59,714 this year. The salary range for 2016, which is the final year of the contract, is $44,432 to $70,100. 