Stop the mean-spirited attacks

Mary Jane Chipowsky, Hopewell Township
Apparently, campaign season has arrived.
You can tell because Hopewell Township Democrats have begun their annual installments of mean-spirited attacks against anyone who dares to run against their candidate.
While this is a tiresome ritual, it is as predictable as the rising sun.
Two attack letters against our Republican Hopewell Township candidate, Mayor Harvey Lester, were signed by Democratic political operatives, who failed to identify themselves as such.
While Aurelio “Al” Colina demonstrated his unfamiliarity with the role of the Planning Board in affordable housing planning, he failed to identify himself as Hopewell Township Democratic county committeeman from District 11.
Likewise, Hopewell Township Committee member, Democrat Kevin Kuchinsky, who was elected last November on the promise to make Hopewell Township affordable, failed to identify himself. He also has failed to share his secret formula for making the township affordable during 13 budget meetings this year.
Nasty letters, nasty postcards, finagling numbers and percentages, misquoting your opponent and outright fabrications have no place in helping the voters to make their decisions.
The Republicans will run a clean, issue-oriented campaign, and we ask the Democrats to do the same!
I am not hesitant to identify myself. 
Mary Jane Chipowsky 
chairwoman 
Hopewell Township 
Republican County Committee 
Titusville 