HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: House gets its energy from hydrogen and solar

By Frank Mustac, Special Writer
HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP — A first-of-its-kind solar-hydrogen house that can go either on or off the electrical grid will be officially unveiled this week.
What makes the residence on Woosamonsa Road in the township unique is that it is the “first commercially produced fully permitted and affordable” of its type anywhere, according to the non-profit Hydrogen House Project, which designed the house.
“This is the beginning of getting our energy from above the ground and not below it,” said Mike Strizki, an inventor and founder of the Hydrogen House Project.
The human race, he said, has been convincing itself that digging up and burning fossil fuels has no consequences.
“After years of doing that we finally found that global warming does exist,” Mr. Strizki said. “We’re destroying the environment around us for our children, and we need to repair it.”
The combination solar and hydrogen renewable energy system installed in the house provides power for all of the amenities required in a home, including a full kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, hot tub and multimedia entertainment systems.
“This system only uses sunlight and water,” he said. “This is the most environmentally friendly energy system you can possibly imagine, where the byproducts are pure oxygen and water — pure water.”
“This is the same system that the space shuttle used and NASA has used for the last 60 years,” Mr. Strizki said. “So we’re bring that technology to the home.”
The house unveiling and dedication ceremony that will take place on Friday, is an invitation-only event, but tours of the house can be made by appointment, Mr. Strizki said.
“The homeowner has allowed us to use it as a model house,” he said.
For more information about the Hydrogen House Project, visit hydrogenhouseproject.org. 