EAST WINDSOR: Shiseido to expand again

By Amy Batista, Special Writer
Shiseido Plant Manager Ladislav Hanzes said Wednesday was a special day for the company as it celebrated the groundbreaking for a targeted consolidation and expansion of its operations in East Windsor.
“This is an effort for Shiseido to grow globally and to make operations here a little bit stronger and more flexible for the future,” Mr. Hanzes said.
The facility has operated in town since 1998. Shiseido is expanding its building to 310,580 square feet with the addition of approximately 45,000 square feet primarily for research and development space. An interior addition of a 30,000-square-foot mezzanine will be used for offices. The company will also convert some of its warehouse space into manufacturing space.
“We have been enjoying our partnership with East Windsor Township both economically and socially,” Mr. Hanzes said. “We hope to continue that relationship in the future and we hope to grow our business here in East Windsor.”
Mayor Janice Mironov called it an exciting day for East Windsor.
“Today’s addition to Shiseido represents another significant investment in East Windsor Township with the result of a growing and prospering Shiseido,” Mayor Mironov said.
The expansion amounts to additional tax dollars for the community, according to the mayor.
“We are excited again that — because we did just have a company expansion a couple of years ago — once again so quickly we’re seeing another positive growth,” she said.
In 2013, Shiseido added 54,580 square feet to its warehouse facility, which allowed the company to gradually shift distribution from its Oakland facility to East Windsor.
“The expansion, additions, and transition of the space are to accommodate company growth and it also incorporates the relocation of the Monroe Township Davlyn Industry operations and employees to Shiseido East Windsor site,” Mayor Mironov said. “There will be a large number of jobs generated here at the East Windsor Shiseido facility.”
When complete and operational, the facility will likely double its number of employees in East Windsor to 300, she said. And, there’s room for more growth, according to the mayor.
“Shiseido is the owner of this 40-acre plus property but also has an adjacent 40-acre plus property, which could well serve it into the future for a continuing series of growth steps,” the mayor said.
Shiseido is a globally known and admired company, according to the mayor.
“I believe currently it ranks third in the world in the production of healthcare and cosmetic products,” she said. “We are extraordinarily proud that they have such a large presence here in East Windsor.”
The mayor continued, “We are obviously particularly pleased today for them to take an additional step demonstrating their commitment to our community and their intentions to continue to grow their company here in East Windsor Township.”
The mayor called Shiseido one of the township’s “preeminent corporate citizens.”
“Not only do they operate a first rate company in our community and worldwide but they have been a terrific corporate citizen supporting a whole variety of activities and programs within our area,” she said.
Mr. Hanzes said that Shiseido is committed to growing into “a best in class operation” in East Windsor and partnering economically, socially and environmentally with the township.
“We look forward to continuing to partner with this great company,” the mayor said. 