PRINCETON: Voters deserve independent thinkers as state representatives

Dan Preston, Princeton
As the election season gets under way, I want to remind Princeton voters that this year we have the opportunity to unseat our two Republican state Assembly representatives by voting for Democratic candidates Maureen Vella and Andrew Zwicker. Princeton and the rest of the 16th Legislative District deserve representation that reflects our values, not those of a right-wing governor.
Jack Ciattarelli and Donna Simon have a 100 percent voting record with Chris Christie. They have supported Gov. Christie in cutting women’s health funding, blocking corruption reform at the Port Authority, and preventing property tax relief for struggling homeowners after Hurricane Sandy.
Andrew Zwicker, as a Princeton University scientist, brings his experience of relying on evidence, not political ideology or rhetoric, in making decisions. Maureen Vella, as a former judge, looks at all sides of an issue before making a decision. Princeton deserves representatives who are independent thinkers.
I urge residents to mark their calendars for Nov. 3 and to vote for Zwicker and Vella for Assembly. 
Dan Preston 
Princeton 