HILLSBOROUGH: Back-to-back traffic lights at Valley Road are dangerous

Zach maggio, Hillsborough
I am writing to express my concern for a traffic light that is not in any way helping control the flow of traffic.
I am a Hillsborough resident and I have been living here for 17 years, and a recent change has frustrated me. Many others have expressed their frustration to me about this situation. At the corner of Valley Road and Route 206 there are two traffic lights that occupy those intersections. The lights are within 500 feet of each other. Due to new construction they put in a new light but it is doing nothing to help traffic.
I am also writing because I am concerned for the safety of all drivers on a busy road. They are building new apartments that are not even close to being finished and one of those lights has been running for about six months. There is no traffic traveling east to west, yet the light still runs. I was driving on Route 206 traveling north and I was stopped at the second light to turn onto Valley Road and an accident occurred behind me because the second light had remained green.
I was stopped at the red second light and there was a line of about three cars stopped behind me. When the light behind us was still green, a car had gone through the green light but he was trying to stop short and crashed into the cars behind me. Fortunately I was not involved in the accident, but, nevertheless, these back-to-back lights are dangerous and, as of right now, unnecessary.
I am sharing my frustration because I care for the safety of others. We need to fix this so that the roads can remain safe. I believe that expressing your opinion can help change a situation. Simply turning the light off can help change this problem. The roads in Hillsborough will be safer if we make this simple change. Make Hillsborough safer and turn off the light. 
Zach Maggio 
Hillsborough 