SOUTH BRUNSWICK: School district details year’s goals and objectives

By Deb Dawson, Special Writer
Deb DawsonSpecial Writer
SOUTH BRUNSWICK — District administrators outlined the school district’s 2015-16 goals and objectives, its “dashboard,” at Monday’s Board of Education meeting.
The goals fall into four primary areas.
Under “The Best Program” to improve student achievement come the target areas of literacy and dyslexia, English language arts, support for under-performing learners and data mining. It was noted that 30 elementary school teachers came in for a week during the summer to learn the Wilson program for teaching students who struggle with dyslexia.
Under “A Safe and Caring School” to improve school climate and safety come the target areas of climate, safety and security (safety protocols will be updated), self regulation for students, cultural competency and positive life choices as they relate to alcohol and drug use.
Under “A Highly Engaged Community” to increase communications and collaboration come the target areas of 21st century learners, physical health and wellness and mental wellness.
Under “The Most Effective and Efficient” district to improve management and operations come the target areas of reconceptualization of space, rethinking homework, and sources of revenue.
“As never before we are moving as one, K-12, across the district. And, the degree of engagement from faculty and staff was heartening — I’m thrilled,” said Superintendent Gerard Jellig.
Detailed information on the “dashboard” can be found on the web site at www.sbschools.org.
Student artists who contributed to the district’s 2015-2016 calendar and information guide were also recognized at the meeting. The student art was displayed at a gallery in April.
“You guys really distinguished yourselves,” Mr. Jellig said. “The value of what you do … is change the aspect, the mood of all who interact with your art. It is an absolute good. I thank you for that.”
“I’ve been at that gallery. Every piece of art at that gallery is a significant accomplishment,” said board Vice President Daniel Boyle.
These are the student artists who were honored: Emma Qavolli of Brooks Crossing; Pranav Jithesh and Madelyn Galella, both of Brunswick Acres; Sanjana Kalla of Cambridge; Justin Hachem of Constable; Srikar Shankar of Dayton; Sebastian Huang of Deans; Krisha Patel of Greenbrook; Krisnajit Rajeshkhanna of Indian Fields; Keerthana Karthik of Monmouth Junction; Dylan Poku and Tuyet Thach, both of Crossroads North; Dhruvi Rajpopat and Irene Su, both of Crossroads South; Julia Baer, Abigail Goldfarb, Olivia Hutchison, Alina Peng, Nimrah Saeed Julianne Toth, all of South Brunswick High School.
These art teachers were also recognized for their efforts in putting together the gallery and calendar: Ellen Kazar of Brooks Crossing; Suzanne Tiedemann of Brunswick Acres; Kristin Mallon of Cambridge; Tracy Kociolek of Constable; Rebecca Bufis of Dayton and Greenbrook; Jill Ward of Deans and Monmouth Junction; David Castaldo of Crossroads North; Tracey Dovas of Crossroads South; Dianne Belnay, Laurie Budhu, Norman Chow, Kathleen McMillan, Twila O’Connell and Elizabeth Snediker, all of South Brunswick High School.
Mastergraphx and PNC Bank helped to finance the calendar.
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