PRINCETON: Letter to the editor – Vote for Democrats in state Assembly race

Beth Healey, Princeton
Princeton Democrats should be on alert that voting on Nov. 3 could make the difference in changing our district’s representation from Republican to Democratic.
There may be those who assert that we should support the incumbent Republicans, believing they work hard or that the choices they make regarding the district have nothing to do with political parties.
That argument may fool Donald Trump voters, but the reality is that politics is partisan and that partisan legislative voting is a tangible manifestation of our values. Princetonians should understand that we are currently represented in the Assembly by two Republicans who consistently and reliably support Gov. Christie’s right-wing agenda.
For example, Assemblywoman Donna Simon received an A-plus rating from the NRA. She has always voted against funding for family planning, and she was endorsed by the Tea Party. Jack Ciattarelli is slightly less right-wing, receiving a B-plus from the NRA, but he also rejects all funding for family planning.
When our governor brags in national debates about how he has advanced his conservative agenda in a Democratic-leaning state, we can thank Princeton’s current assembly representatives.
But on Election Day, Nov. 3, we can get ourselves to the polls and vote for Democrats. We have two excellent candidates: Maureen Vella, a former judge, and Andrew Zwicker, a physicist. I hope you will join me in turning our district in a new direction. 
Beth Healey 
Princeton 