WEST WINDSOR: Manzari will advocate for township residents

Keeley Loreski, Plainsboro
A couple of years ago, a planned school trip for all eighth-grade German language students, including my son’s class, was cancelled after almost 10 years of annual trips. Even though the teacher had a wonderful itinerary planned and all the parents supported the trip — both the cost and the one day required away from school — the decision appeared to be final.
Virginia Manzari and I decided to fight for the trip. She also had a daughter in the class and understood the significance of the trip for the students. While most would simply resign themselves to an unfair situation, Virginia was not going to give up so easily. She collected all the information about the itinerary and documented the educational value of each activity. We met with the administration and answered every objection, and then attended the next Curriculum Committee meeting where Virginia delivered an impressive presentation. The decision was overturned, and our children benefited from a wonderful educational experience.
What was more surprising, Virginia didn’t lose interest once her own daughter was no longer involved in the class. The following year she again took action to support the class trip — circulating a petition, meeting with the Curriculum Committee, and finally bringing the issue to the Board of Education, where she convinced them to reinstate the trip. As a result, yet another class of German language students enjoyed the benefit of Virginia’s tireless advocacy. To this day, Virginia attends almost every Board of Education meeting because she cares about what happens to the children in our community.
When I hear Virginia say she will be an advocate for residents of West Windsor, to me that’s more than a campaign slogan. I’ve seen her in action and I know she’s concerned about everyone in the community, even eighth graders she hasn’t met. Character shows through in small matters. I have no doubt she would devote tremendous energy and insight in serving everyone’s best interests if she is elected to the Township Council. 
Keeley Loreski 
Plainsboro 