16th DISTRICT: State representatives work to revise school funding

Frank Weiner, Princeton
Having lived in Princeton for 25 years, I have personally witnessed many instances of political divisiveness, extreme partisanship, and ideological nastiness, but nothing can match the malicious and mean-spirited tone of several recent letters that have misrepresented our dedicated and capable representatives to the State Assembly, Jack Ciattarelli and Donna Simon.
Yes, Mr. Ciattarelli and Ms. Simon believe in free markets, lower taxes, and individual responsibility, but the reality is that both have demonstrated a fierce independent streak. Contrary to the statements of some of the letter writers, they have not endorsed Donald Trump and have not always agreed with the positions of the governor. It is an insult to the intelligence of Princeton voters to imply that our representatives do not vote according to their own convictions and on behalf of the best interests of their overall district.
For instance, both opposed Gov. Christie’s “Return Home” program, which would have forced more than 300 adults with developmental disabilities to leave residential care programs over the objections of their families, and both oppose the Penn-East pipeline. Individually, Mr. Ciattarelli spoke out forcefully against Iowa Congressman Steve King — a close ally of the governor — when Mr. King made offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants. To her credit, Ms. Simon sought state tax reforms that would have dedicated more money to public pension payments.
At a time when many Princeton taxpayers are suffering from the excessive property taxes of three separate local taxing authorities, Mr. Ciatterelli and Ms. Simon continue to work hard for the necessary revision of state school funding and state assistance to local government. They are very knowledgeable of our current local tax burden and the urgency to overhaul the disastrous state and local tax structure in New Jersey.
On Election Day, I will be voting Jack Ciattarelli and Donna Simon for State Assembly. 
Frank Wiener 
Princeton 