WEST WINDSOR: Marathe, Manzari and Halloran have experience, vision and leadership

Michael and Mary Meduski, West Windsor
We are writing to enthusiastically support Hemant Marathe, Virginia Manzari and Gerald Halloran — Your Voice, Our Commitment — for election to the West Windsor Township Council. Individually and collectively they bring to council years of experience, service to the township, fiscal responsibility, leadership and vision.
We have known Hemant for many, many years, as our now adult daughters were classmates going through the WWP school system. In the 12 years Hemant was on school board, nine years as president, he oversaw tremendous growth and was effectively able to manage that growth with his vision and leadership. Under Hemant’s direction, WWP School District maintained its high standards and reputation through a very challenging decade. Hemant had the foresight as board president to support the privately funded installation of lights at both high school football fields, with a lasting benefit for community spirit evidenced every year by the large, enthusiastic turnout for events such as the annual North–South football game played under the Friday night lights, and other sporting events. As a current member of council, Hemant displays those same leadership skills on issues which will directly affect the township quality of life now and into the future.
We have known Virginia for almost as long as we have known Hemant. Virginia is a long time township resident and her children attend school in the WWP district. Virginia is a current member of the township Zoning Board and is extremely active as founding member of WWP Cares About Our Schools. Virginia has been a PTSA volunteer for 10 years, and is a member and dedicated volunteer in many community activities such as Boy Scout Troop 66 Committee.
Gerald experienced firsthand the rampant development of Hoboken, and moved with his young family to West Windsor in search of a quieter life. We have had the pleasure of meeting Gerald recently and came away very impressed with his knowledge of local issues, his commitment to service, and the fresh perspective he brings about what makes West Windsor so attractive to families and individuals.
For township residents who have lived here for any period of time, it may be hard to believe that one of the biggest challenges still facing the township, even after the tremendous growth of the past 20 years, is more growth! West Windsor Township Council members are directly involved in how that growth is managed. There are many stakeholders in the process and affected by the decisions made by council. Decisions as to how to comply with unfunded state mandates for items such as affordable housing must take into consideration physical infrastructure and school district impacts, cost to homeowner taxpayers, and quality of life issues which can be caused by unrestrained residential growth. Those decisions directly affect direction and agreements reached between council and developers.
Hemant, Virginia and Gerald have the requisite experience, vision and leadership to make the correct choices.
We urge you to cast your council votes on Nov. 3 for Hemant Marathe, Virginia Manzari and Gerald Halloran. 
Michael and Mary Meduski 
West Windsor 