WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: Extend Kaish’s tenure on school board

Dr. Karen Cook, West Windsor
I am in the unique position of being a long-term West Windsor resident (1991-present), former West Windsor-Plainsboro School district employee (school counselor, Millstone River/Village/Hawk, 1991-2012), and parent of children who attended our schools (1995-2012).
As such, my impressions of and interests in the election of our school board members are couched from the perspective of just service for resident, academic, and parental stakeholders. I consider the rich history of WW-P leadership that provided compassionate collaboration, put people first and valued relationships and the needs of others. I look to consider future leaders who are skilled communicators, whose efforts work to align us in a culture of collaboration toward the goals outlined in our district Mission Statement. Finally, I consider leaders whose motivation for producing organizational change is grounded upon a personal vision of inclusiveness, while also being both willing and able to exercise moral authority in order to empower our rich community of 21st century life long learners.
Such lofty ideals are difficult to strive towards, no less achieve. Michele Kaish has consistently exercised her abilities to succeed in each and every endeavor in her position as WW-P school board member. She possesses an ability to make sound ethical decisions rooted in rational principles, experience, and common sense. She fully understands the parameters imposed by the state Department of Education and has a well-formed conscience that guides her in sound decision-making.
Extending her tenure with the West Windsor Plainsboro Board of Education is essential for continuity in our rich academic history. I am honored to endorse her candidacy. 
Dr. Karen Cook 
West Windsor 