WEST WINDSOR: Marathe wants to make the best decisions for the community

Diane Hasling, West Windsor
I am writing to express my support for Hemant Marathe for West Windsor Township Council. I have known Hemant for more than 15 years, including spending a term together on the WW-P school board, and believe he has the skills and leadership style to be an excellent representative for our township.
Hemant brings tremendous professional, volunteer, and life skills to the council. He has a Ph.D. in engineering; has founded and run multiple businesses; served on the WW-P school board for 12 years, most of that time as president; is a parent to four young adult children; and has been an active member of our township for more than two decades.
But what strikes me more than his knowledge and skills is his boundless energy and desire to use that in the service of others. Perhaps because his goal is the continued betterment of the community, he actively listens to people with multiple perspectives on an issue and seeks to find common ground and common sense solutions through compromise and consensus.
Hemant’s style is not to make a decision first and then get buy-in for it, but to ask the hard questions, get input from experts and staff, volunteers and community members, and then work with fellow committee members to figure out the best decision.
Hemant is intelligent and analytical, someone who listens and researches, a problem-solver and consensus-builder. A good leader looks at where an organization wants to go and then helps all stakeholders understand their role in getting there. We have seen the role Hemant has played on our school board. I am thrilled that Hemant now wants to take on the challenges of the township, and look forward to seeing the contributions Hemant will make to the West Windsor council. 
Diane Hasling 
West Windsor 