WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: DeGroote knows the issues facing the school board

Aaron Yang, West Windsor
We are lucky to have Jordon DeGroote running for the West Windsor seat on the Board of Education Committee at West Windsor and Plainsboro school district.
Jordon has a caring heart. He cares about students. He cares about high quality education. He cares about the future of our school district. He pays attention to what students need and how students think. Though being young, Jordon is one of the persons who know the current issues in our school district the best. Luckily he has stepped up for all the students and parents. He has courage. He works very hard. He will impress everyone with his great insight on the issues, his determination and dedication to fix the issues in the system.
Bringing the voice of students, parents and teachers, Jordon will help to bridge the gap between the school administration team, board of education and public. He will help the school administration team and board of education to develop accurate understanding of the issues, not just perception of the issues.
Jordon has great communication and collaborative skills. He is good at communicating with people with different opinions and has an open mind to listen to and understand the concerns and opinions from other people. He will work together with members in the board of education and school administration to come up with the best solutions that reflect the needs of students and parents for our school district.
Jordon will be a role model for younger generations. He has conducted many wonderful community services to help people. He will continue dedicating himself to serving more people. He will inspire more young people to step up and contribute. From him, I see the future of the United States.
With my full heart I support Jordon. Please vote for Jordon DeGroote Nov 3. 
Aaron Yang 
West Windsor 