WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO: DeGroote offers feasible plan for the future

Helen Ming, West Windsor
When I first learned that Jordon DeGroote is an 18-year-old Board of Education candidate, my immediate question was: is he serious?
Not only is he serious about this election, but he has all the right answers to the questions raised. I am actually a little surprised that I, in my 40s, share so many opinions on school issues with him. Such issues include the ineffectiveness of Common Core standards, the lack of transparency of the decision-making procedures currently employed by the school administration, unreasonable cutting of programs such as Independent Study. I particularly applaud his open-mindedness that is reflected by his support of educational opportunities in all subjects.
When I re-read his statements I realized something else: Instead of being politically correct and offering hollow promises, Jordon gave us a very specific and feasible plan of what he would do if he gets elected. 
Helen Ming 
West Windsor 