PRINCETON: Irving and DiTosto will bring positive change to council

Louise Lisansky, Princeton
If elected, Princeton Council candidates Lynn Lu Irving and Kelly DiTosto will work hard to bring positive changes to the lives of all Princeton residents.
Ms. Irving, who is a real estate agent and was born in China, but has lived in Princeton for 25 years, if elected, will focus on making Princeton affordable for all. She knows that many residents, because of high property taxes, struggle to maintain a reasonable standard of living and pay their bills. She will explore why Princeton, a town of 30,000 residents, has a yearly budget that exceeds $60 million which is much more than comparatively sized towns in New Jersey. Ms. Irving will also scrutinize all council spending proposals in terms of the burdens they place on taxpayers.
Ms. DiTosto, who is an experienced financial professional and CPA and excels at balancing books, will, if elected, bring a fresh voice for transparent government and will insist on open council sessions, not closed-door meetings. She firmly believes that Princeton residents need to have input on all council decisions that affect their lives.
In order to bring positive changes to the lives of all Princeton residents, I’m voting for Ms. Irving and Ms. Ditosto and urge you to do the same. 
Louise Lisansky 
Princeton 