PRINCETON: Party and policies make a difference for Democrats

Dan Preston, Princeton
Some people pride themselves in claiming that they “vote for the person, not the party.” While it’s essential to vote for candidates of excellent character and leadership abilities, party is equally important. Why? Because of policies and priorities.
I support Heather Howard and Lance Liverman for Princeton Council. Because of who they are, I know they will continue to be responsive to our residents, and work hard for the good of all. Because they are Democrats, I can be confident that they will seek progressive solutions to whatever problems our town may face. Because that’s what Democrats do.
As members of a team of Democrats, Heather and Lance helped make sure that our town was ready to implement marriage equality faster than any other town in Mercer County. They worked to build trust between our immigrant neighbors and the police, and supported local efforts to combat wage theft. In the wake of yet another massacre, Heather and Lance stood with other Democrats from the town and across the state to demand laws to rein in gun violence. And both are working to pass an earned sick leave ordinance to benefit workers and families in Princeton. These are the kinds of actions that reflect core Democratic values from the national level on down, and which Republicans (with rare exceptions) typically oppose.
On Nov. 3, I will vote for Heather, Lance and the other Democrats on the ballot. Vote for the person AND the party, because policies and priorities matter. 
Dan Preston 
Princeton 