WEST WINDSOR: Halloran took time to hear residents’ complaints

Judy Goetz, Jeff Hamer, Teresa Lourenco
West Windsor
You know the old rule “90 percent of success is turning up”? Well, we truly believe in that saying and here’s some proof.
We, the South Post Road residents, have attended both the county Freeholder and county Park Commission meetings and invited each of them, including the county executive, to attend a Mercer County Park concert in order to witness and hear the negative impact the noise, traffic and crowds are having on our residential neighborhood. Despite acknowledging our invite, not one of our county representatives has the professional courtesy to show up.
However, candidate for West Windsor Council Gerald Halloran came by, toured the neighborhood, introduced himself, and sat down for a real conversation. Although the topics centered on our numerous complaints with the county, it was the fact that he spent his time with us, going above and beyond to understand our concerns, that impressed us the most.
His running mates Hemant Marathe and Virginia Manzari also joined our neighborhood for a meet and greet later that month. They all spoke about the need for credibility, integrity and preserving our community.
On Nov. 3, please get out to vote for “Your Voice, Our Commitment” team Marathe, Manzari, Halloran. 
Judy Goetz, Jeff Hamer, Teresa Lourenco 
West Windsor 