WEST WINDSOR: Marathe, Manzari, Halloran will preserve township open space

Jennifer Peterson, West Windsor
I was very disappointed to read Alison Miller’s comments in The Princeton Packet. When asked what one new initiative she would undertake if elected to Township Council, she expressed her desire to install four acres of solar panels on the farmland next to the municipal center.
Did she not learn anything from the solar field travesty that the residents of South Post Road are faced with every day? Do we want four acres of solar panels on Clarksville Road, ripping up our farmland? I haven’t met a single person who likes the solar panels at Mercer County Community College. Some have said it makes them want to cry. There is a place for solar, and there are technical and creative ways to install it, but it surely isn’t by destroying our open space.
I’ve heard plenty of residents say they’d like a downtown area or a place to gather and meet with neighbors. I have yet to find one who yearns for a solar power plant in the middle of town.
Ms. Miller has served township well in various capacities over the past 20 years. After hearing her number one priority is installing solar panels right next to Clarksville Road, I want to thank Ms. Miller for her service to the township and vote for the Marathe, Manzari, Halloran ticket. Please join me in electing them as council members. They will keep open space for the purpose it’s intended for. 
Jennifer Peterson 
West Windsor 