Leadership team will move town forward

On Nov. 3 Sayreville will have a choice of staying in the 20th century or moving forward into the 21st century.

For 16 years Sayreville has been stagnant and missing out on so many opportunities. Now this is our time to have professionals lead us into the 21st century with the leadership, knowledge and experience of David McGill, Ricci Melendez and Steven Grillo.

David’s vision includes a recreation center/ community center with a swimming pool. With the help of county freeholders, he wants to widen Washington Road by the high school to improve traffic flow, complete Sayreville Boulevard to offset the terrible traffic on Main Street, and stabilize our taxes. David recently hired a grant writer to apply for money that is available to Sayreville but never utilized. He has been working hard with Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Monmouth/Middlesex) to replace our post office on Main Street.

With the help of Steve Grillo, who has a master’s degree in urban development and works as a professional city planner in New York City, a plan is being developed to revitalize Main Street and bring new businesses and an arts theater back to town the way it was many years ago.

David has been working with Ricci Melendez, who is attending Columbia University, New York City, to receive his master’s degree in information technology, to make our children and residents safer. With Ricci’s knowledge and guidance, Sayreville has been placing cameras in and around the police station and the Senior Center. This security system will allow cameras to be placed in parks, recreation areas or wherever they may be needed. Ricci is also developing plans to upgrade our 15-year-old computer system and have Borough Council meetings stream live on local television.

This November we have a choice, a choice to do what is right for Sayreville and a choice to elect professionals for the 21st century or choose to stay stagnant. This is Sayreville’s time. Vote for David McGill for mayor, re-elect Ricci Melendez and elect Steve Grillo for council.

Bill Henry