HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: Blake will bring honesty, true grit

Rex Parker, Hopewell Township
I had the distinct honor to accompany Julie Blake as she went door-to-door in Hopewell Township recently. She listened to your thoughts on issues that matter most to you: lowering taxes so you can afford to live here; keeping the township green so you and your next generations can enjoy this remarkable Valley; constraining future development to preserve our distinct heritage and lifestyle. Her grasp of your concerns and hopes for the future has grown through her extensive coverage of the township.
Julie Blake has integrity, a strong moral compass, a humble desire to serve this community. I’ve watched her listen, share values and views and empathize and identify with you and your family. I have tremendous respect for Julie as a person and candidate for Hopewell Township Committee. It’s clear to me that Julie Blake has the right stuff to be an outstanding township leader.
If you want a representative with honesty, true grit, who will do everything in her power to put your interests first, above her own, then vote for Julie Blake for Hopewell Township Committee on Tuesday, Nov. 3. 
Rex Parker 
Hopewell Township 