HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: Congresswoman made ‘blatantly false claims’

John Hansbury, Hopewell Township
It was very disappointing to read the letter to editor from our newly elected Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman making blatantly false claims that Mayor Harvey Lester has caused Hopewell Township to become vulnerable to the Penn East Pipeline and developers.
This is an egregious lie coming from someone who is supposed to represent all residents in her district, not slander him or her with falsehoods for political advantage.
Just because Mayor Lester changed political parties due to political bossism is no reason to misrepresent his service to Hopewell Township. Mayor Lester has been in the forefront fighting the Penn East Pipeline and has led the way in keeping developers at bay by objecting to the Scotch Road project and the wasteful spending by a prior administration on the $7 million Pennytown debacle.
I urge Congresswoman Watson-Coleman to stick to representing our interests in Washington and leave the mudslinging to the more proficient local Democrat machine. I furthermore support the well-earned re-election of Mayor Harvey Lester on Nov. 3. 
John Hansbury 
Hopewell Township