PRINCETON: Angered by coverage of student protests

John Clearwater, Princeton
I read with utter disbelief your coverage and that of other local media of the invasion and occupation of Nassau Hall and the president’s office by racial activists.
I wasn’t surprised by The Packet, and now our PC mayor, accepting and rationalizing the bend the knee response to their demands. There wasn’t even editorial comment or mention of threats and intimidation used to press their demands That said, certainly it is your right to report and comment on these events as you see fit.
However, as a long-time letter writer and contributor to your paper on various issues of the day and AS I SEE IT, I am dumfounded, actually angry, by your lack of any coverage of the courageous student group now advocating for return of academic freedom and open dialogue on campus. Have you even read their request and justification for a meeting with the president seeking redress?
Most unfortunately, have you now abandoned both your freedom and clear responsibility to report varied viewpoints on significant issues in our town? Your news stories have increasingly become opinion pieces not reflecting what actually happened but the whys and wherefores from your viewpoint.
I am a Princeton graduate *66 and have been active for years in professional construction engineering as well as local education from pre-K to graduate school , I can state unequivocally that the Princeton student group advocating academic freedom and open dialogue is right on point. They are now the ones 
bearing growing abusive burdens of hate and discrimination. 
John Clearwater 
Princeton 