PRINCETON: Church and seminary to welcome refugee family

The Rev. Dr. David A. Davis, Princeton
Nassau Presbyterian Church has been resettling refugees in the Princeton community for over 50 years. Families have arrived in our community from Cuba (1964), Cambodia (1980), Vietnam (1984), Hungary (1989), Bosnia (1994, 1999), Sudan (2003), Burma (2006), and Iraq (2010).
The effort has involved serving one family at time, providing support of all kinds, offering a brief stay in a church member’s home, building relationships, and celebrating the launch toward independence.
We have witnessed family members in various careers: restaurant management, computer networking, dentistry, tailoring, library science, teaching and more. Several families have joined in our effort to support subsequent families resettling.
Together with Princeton Theological Seminary, our congregation is working with Church World Service to receive a Syrian refugee family soon after the first of the year. We look forward to the next chapter of what has become an essential part of one congregation’s attempt to live out our faith, honor our heritage, and give glory to God. 
The Rev. Dr. David A. Davis 
Pastor, Nassau Presbyterian Church