Long Branch beachfront proposal will be revised

Developers of a 47-unit condominium complex in Long Branch presented plans to slightly modify the development, which was approved last year.

James Monteforte, the architect representing FEM Real Estate, said during the City Council’s Dec. 22 workshop meeting, the developer will reconfigure the outdoor balconies in an effort to expand the size of the units, which were designed to range between 1,600 and 2,400 square feet.

However, Monteforte said the design of the project would basically remain the same.

“Basically what happened was we tried to increase the size of the units a little bit by taking some of the exterior balcony space and swinging the geometry around,” he said. “We tried very hard to maintain the South Beach style that I had working. It is all concrete and glass.”

Another change to the design includes the elimination of a clubhouse on the second floor.

Mimi Feliciano, CEO of FEM Real Estate, which is located in Montvale, first presented plans for the project in the Beachfront South redevelopment zone in 2013 and gained approval from the Long Branch Planning Board in 2014.

Because of a previous redevelopment agreement, Feliciano already secured approvals to construct 11 townhouse units on the property, but was able to acquire more properties to expand the project located on the corner of Ocean Boulevard and North Bath Avenue.

The project did not require any variances, which the city does not grant for projects in its six-redevelopment zones.

The design includes a connected first floor that splits into two eight-story towers, with an opening in between.

Amenities include underground parking, a pool, gym/activity area and private terraces for some of the units.

There will also be unoccupied units that can be reserved for guests of tenants.

The city has previously attempted to attract developers to build large swaths of property in redevelopment zones, often using the threat of eminent domain.

In recent years, several developers, including Feliciano, have presented plans to develop single tracts or smaller assemblages.