One might think that tech-savvy buyers solely rely on the Internet for their home-buying needs. After all, the keyboard offers an easy way of locating and viewing homes for sale. As it turns out, however, there is no substitute for the real thing. According to a recent report, even though more consumers conduct their home searches online, they are also increasingly relying on the expertise and knowledge of real estate agents. While the report indicates that four in ten buyers looked for properties online as a first step in the home-buying process (up from 36% in 2010), 88% of buyers in 2014 purchased their homes with assistance from a real estate agent (up from 83% in 2010). Why not benefit from the knowledge and experience of a seasoned real estate agent? Helping you to achieve your real estate goals in my #1 priority. Contact me today to arrange an initial meeting at my office, conveniently located at 1199 Amboy Ave., Edison. I am here for you. HINT: The report mentioned above ranks “finding the right property” as the most difficult step in the homebuying process.