Pantages to head up ’01 council

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By keith hahn

to head up
’01 council

ALLENTOWN — After being sworn in to begin a new three-year term on the Borough Council, Peter Pantages was unanimously elected to serve as council president once again.

It will be the councilman’s third consecutive year heading the governing body. Pantages has served for nine years and is beginning his fourth three-year term.

The governing body held its annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 2.

Also sworn in to office this week was former Councilman Daniel Wimer, who takes the seat held by former councilman Richard Switlik. Wimer was a member of the council from 1993-96.

Serving with Pantages and Wimer on the governing body are Michael Schumacher, Margaret Armenante, David Strobino and Art West.

In looking back at 2000, Pantages said he was pleased with the town’s accomplishments and noted that the council members all worked well together.

As for the future, Pantages said he would like to see the council have more of a concerted effort on the development of the Heritage Park project.

Pantages is also looking for the council to resolve the traffic situation around town by pushing for the completion of bypasses on Route 539 and Route 526.

The Western Monmouth Panhandle Alliance’s study of the possible regionalization of area schools will be a major factor on the agenda for the year as well, according to the council president.

"We are just looking to run the town with smart, clean government," said Pantages. "What’s good about the council is that we work together. We do good together and bad together; there is not just one person running it all."

In other news, the council made the following appointments for 2001:

Attorney, Turp, Coates, Essl and Driggers; prosecutor, Donald S. Driggers; Auditor, Bowman and Co.; engineer, Killam and Associates; bond counsel, McLaughlin, Bennett, Gelson and Cramer; municipal clerk, Lorene K. Wright; deputy municipal clerk, Robert Benick.

Also, tax collector, Barbara Pater; chief financial officer, Robert Benick; Registrar, Lorene K. Wright; contracted water and sewer plant operator, Consumers Water Co.; municipal court administrator, Lynn A. Richard.

And, housing inspector, code enforcement officer and zoning officer, Ronald Gafgen; recycling coordinator, Susan Babbitt; public safety director, Harvey Morrell; drug alliance coordinator, Joanne Schuh; Allentown historian, John Fabiano.

The following are the Allentown council appointments to boards and commissions for 2001:

Planning-Zoning Board: Councilman Michael Schumacher, Daniel Zorovich, Robert Peppler and Margaret M. Rose; Environmental Commission: Council-woman Margaret Armenante, Robert Mayer, Michael Narozniak and Richard Switlik; Board of Recreation Commis-sioners: Wanda Wimer, Ronald Dunster, John Cereste and Tim Hare.