Let’s talk about parking situation

The Red Bank parking task force is getting down to the business of assessing the parking situation in the borough’s downtown.

As noted in our story last week, the members of that group have all but unanimously expressed support for the concept of a parking deck. While that may ultimately be the best way to handle parking for the business district, it is important to consider as many views and options on the issue as possible.

The Hub is inviting anyone interested in expressing an opinion on the parking situation, and how it affects not only the business district but the entire community, to do so on our pages.

Over the next few months we will welcome op-ed pieces on the topic of parking, and ultimately the fate and direction of the borough.

A recent letter writer posed the question "Who is Red Bank?"

As much as any other single topic, that question can be answered by how the borough chooses to deal with the parking situation.

Before any decisions on downtown parking are made, it’s important that as many viewpoints as possible get a fair hearing.

The task force will undoubtedly give due consideration to the ideas brought before it, but by inviting comment on our pages, we aim to give the panel members a perspective they might not otherwise gain.

How Red Bank chooses to address its parking situation will say a great deal not only about what the town is, but what it is to become.

We look forward to hearing from you.