Home buyer warns of exterminator’s scam

I saw a homeowner warning in a letter in a recent paper ("Writer wants to warn homeowners to be alert to furnace scam"), and I just wanted to share a scam we encountered.

We just purchased a resale in the area within the last six months, and we received a telephone solicitation from a bug-spraying company. Unfortunately, I cannot remember their name, but they were very good on the phone. They told us they used to spray for bugs for the previous homeowners, and they even used the previous owners’ names, which led me to believe they knew what they were talking about. By luck, I told them to just mail me literature, and I called the previous owners. They had never sprayed for bugs before, and the company never mailed me any literature. Hopefully this will alert other home buyers to this scam.

Tracy Rowohlt

Freehold Township