Trash cutbacktoo restrictive

To the editor

   Our Mayor Tricarico sees fit to attack the elderly in our township once again.
   Most of us experience difficulty in getting rid of our unneeded items, but the mayor has seen fit this year to put restrictions and limitations on how much we can put out for curbside pickup during the township cleanup.
   Just think, we can put out 10 items. Will that fill a wheelbarrow?
   But if we could somehow overexert ourselves ignoring the frailties of old age and load a pickup or trailer and then drive to the landfill, wait inline and struggle to unload; we could dispose of many times 10 items.
   And then our mayor makes us responsible for anyone driving down the street after dark and dumping their trash on our pile. And we are responsible for disposing of that material.
   If this happened any time other than during cleanup, it would be a police matter.
   Will the mayor have our Rescue Squad on standby those days to care for those of us who may experience medical problems trying to dispose of more than then items at the landfill?
   This is another example of the mayor’s callous disregard for the elderly of our township.
   The mayor wants a large budget increase this year and then puts limits on our trash pickup. He doesn’t care that our Social Security checks may not cover his larger-than-life budget as well as the huge expense of renting a container to dispose of more than 10 items.

Walter Rodgers
Taylor Avenue