Don’t allowself-service gas

To the editor

   I have lived in California, Illinois and New Jersey, and have often thought it odd that New Jersey was the only state to pump gas for its customers. It is most likely that many people who have spent their lives in New Jersey do not even know how to pump their own gas, and those in other states, if ever in New Jersey, would be surprised by the unwonted approach of a gas attendant.
   This discrepancy between the states could easily cause confusion. However, I would have to admit that New Jersey’s continuance of pumping gas guarantees the comfort of those driving, offers more job opportunities to the public, and is safer.
   First of all, the driver will never have to get out of his car into freezing cold or sweltering heat. He simply has to role down his window and ask the employee to, "fill it up, please."
   Gas stations always have that pungent smell emanating from everywhere, and the last thing the driver wants to do is let that smell filter into his clothing, especially when his destination requires him to be well dressed. If the gas attendant pumps his gas, he will never have to vacate his car, not even to pay the bill.
   Having employees that pump gas also opens more job opportunitiesto the public. Previous experiences and special skills are not incumbent of prospective employees. This makes it a good job for teenagers who are looking for the first time, part time jobs and for an adult who might not have yet received the qualifications needed for the career they want to pursue.
   Finally, having an employee who pumps gas on a daily basis is safer than having the average citizen fill up their own tank. Some people may not know that they need to shutoff their car before administering the gas, others might be smoking, and others just not cognizant of the basic safety hazards.
   Either way, they could unintentionally be endangering their own lives and the lives of those around them. The employee will be attentive of the safety precautions that need to be taken, and there for minimize the chances of any disasters.
   Overall, New Jersey’s decision to have employees pump gas for the customers warrants a more comfortable trip for the driver and increases available jobs. Most importantly, it is safer for the driver and those around him.

Heather Kutas