Gwiazdowski will oppose new field

Vote on lease to add seventh Willow Road

field at on tap at Tuesday’s meeting
By:Alec Moore
   Committeeman Tony Gwiazdowski said he is opposed to approving the challenger baseball diamond at the Willow Road baseball complex, and when the time comes to vote on it at the committee meeting, he’ll vote against it.
   "I can’t vote yes on this, it would be the wrong to those people who live on Willow Road and Winding Way," said Mr. Gwiazdowski. He noted the lease agreement between Little League and the township does not allow a seventh field at the complex and nearby residents oppose adding a new field.
   "You can’t expect these people to accept a seventh field when the deal was for six," he continued. "I’m not voting against the kids, or against Little League, I’m voting to keep the deal we have in place."
   Instead of the Willow Road complex, Mr. Gwiazdowski suggests that the league use a recently developed T-ball diamond at Flagtown Park. "It’s an established park and it won’t impact on any neighbors," he said.
   In response to comments made by Little League officials and supporters they don’t want physically challenged players relegated to a separate field, Mr. Gwiazdowski said, "Not everyone can play on a premiere field. Little League is not about playing on a premiere field, it’s about sportsmanship."
   Mayor Joseph Tricarico took issues with Mr. Gwiazdowski’s assessment and his suggestion that the league play at the Flagtown Park diamond rather than Willow Road.
   "I think it would send a very bad message to segregate these challenged children from the Willow Road complex and if I was the parent of a child who was challenged, then I would have a problem with that," the mayor said. "I think they should be included in the Willow Road complex."
   Mark Yates, Hillsborough Little League’s vice president, agrees with the mayor.
   "The Willow Road complex is more than just a baseball complex, it’s a family gathering place and it’s the home of the Little League. Sending the challenged kids to play anywhere else tells them they’re not part of the little league," said Mr. Yates.
   Mayor Tricarico also noted that he plans to introduce an ordinance that would prohibit lights at the complex. The current lease agreement stipulates that the Township Committee would prefer that lights not be installed, but makes no concrete provision against it.
   Approval of the challenger field at the Willow Road complex will require a majority vote of the four sitting Township Committee members.
   The meeting begins at 7 p.m.