Valuable lessonscame from mother

To the editor

   The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge an extremely important person in my life: my mom. She has made many remarkable accomplishments in her life. She deserves acknowledgement for being a single parent running a family, and for being a successful teacher, mom and friend.
   She has been a single parent for seven years, raising three children. My parents were separated for four years, then got divorced and have been divorced for three years. My mom went through rough and hurtful experiences.
   Even though there were many problems at my house during those times, my mom kept me balanced, and focused to make sure my grades did not fall. She also made sure I felt like I was loved and important even though she was going through a tough time in her life. She got through all the hardships and still managed to teach me very valuable lessons.
   I have learned many important lessons from my mom. First of all, she is a teacher, not only at her job, but also at home. She has taught me how to be respectful, responsible, and loving and has instilled in me many other values that make me the person I am today. I am extremely grateful for that.
   She is a very successful teacher because I can see it in the students shehas taught. They not only think of her as their teacher, but also as their own mom who is the kind of teacher I want to be. I not only want to teach the students the information they need to learn, but I also want to have a relationship with the students. By watching the way my mom teaches, I will be able use the techniques when I have a classroom of my own.
   My mom is an excellent role model for me. She would push me to do my best and I did. I have made a covenant with my mom to go to college and become a successful teacher I have always wanted to become. I have looked up to my mom my whole life and I still do. She has influenced me and my life in a tremendous way and I thank her for raising me the way she did.
   All in all, my mom has been a single parent for seven years raising a family. She has taught me many valuable lessons, and she is an excellent role model for me. Because of all these reasons, my mom deserves acknowledgement for everything she has done. She has gone through a lot of experiences whether they were good or bad, but she has gotten through all of them. This is why I want to thank my mom for everything she has done for me. I want her to know I appreciate everything she has done, and I look up to her.

Jenny M. Puia