Unaffiliated voters should cast ballot

Letter to the editor

To the editor:
   I am an unaffiliated voter in the Borough of Hightstown. That means that I did not declare a party affiliation when I first registered and never voted in a primary election. I was surprised to learn that I am one of almost 1,500 such voters in the borough as opposed to just over 1,000 voters who have declared a party. I also learned that I can vote on June 4 in either the Democratic or Republican primary. If I do so, however, I will have declared a party affiliation with the party whose primary I vote in. There’s more. I can change my party affiliation anytime after this by sending in a small form, available from the borough clerk. Sounds easy, which it is.
   Because the Republican Party does not have a candidate this year, the Democratic primary will determine who will be th next mayor of Hightstown. I have voted in November elections in Hightstown for over 20 years, but this year I will vote in the Democratic primary for mayor and urge all unaffiliated voters to do so. The future of Hightstown depends on good, strong, well-informed leadership and I want a say in who leads our town for the next four years. Follow the two candidates, their position papers, their speeches and hopefully a League of Women Voters forum. It’s too important not to vote.
Catherine Tolmie