Charges needsubstantiation

To the editor

   Township Committeeman Tony Gwiazdowski, has a point about the misuse of township vehicles; they must never be used for personal use.
   The question is: Is there widespread vehicle abuse by township employees? We have three incidents witnessed by Mr. Gwiazdowski while driving in and around the township. He states that these cars were being driven during non-work hours. He did not accept the explanation from the township administrator as to why these cars maybe on the road during off-hours.
   A prudent committeeman, after seeing one or two or the three cars, would have written down license plate numbers. He then could have followed up on his observations and subsequent accusations. The township administrator could have then queried the drivers. Instead, Mr. Gwiazdowski used valuable Township Committee time on antidotal and possibly baseless charges of wide spread vehicle abuse by township employees.
   One can only believe that the thin air of the upcoming election in November might have made Mr. Gwiazdowski faint with anticipation of the silly season ahead.

Howard Greenberg
Merritt Drive