PBA members launchprogram funding drive

   The Manville Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local No. 236, which is comprised solely of Manville police officers, is currently holding their 2002 Annual Fund Drive.
   The membership depends on the generosity of donations so that they may continue to sponsor many community activities throughout the course of the year. Contributions to the fund drive will enable the PBA to continue to support activities such as the Community Day, the DARE program, the Wrestling Club, the cheerleaders, and many other community activities.
   Contributions will also help replenish PBA Sick, Death, Welfare, and General Funds.
   The members will be walking to the local businesses and the residents should have received letters from the PBA requesting a donation.
   Anyone interested in donating to the PBA can make your tax deductible contribution payable to Manville PBA Local No. 236 and mail it to: Manville PBA No. 236, PO Box 36, Manville, 08835.
   Please note that Manville PBA Local No. 236 never solicits over the telephone. Any agency that does solicit over the telephone is not affiliated with the Manville PBA Local No. 236.