Time to recallofficials

To the editor

   Well folks, as most of you are now aware the Township Committee reinstated the school budget on May 14, for all intents and purposes, just as I warned and predicted.
   Because of their decision, property taxes for many of you are now going to soar to absolutely unaffordable levels. What’s even worse, though, is the fact that this Township Committee has trampled on your federally mandated Constitutional rights as a United States voter by essentially overturning the results of a legal election.
   This community voted down the increased school budget in the hopes of maintaining a flat budget. The Township Committee, by their own admission, didn’t even "attempt" to strive for this flat level during the appeals process.
   The homeowners that now have to pay for this unaffordable tax now have three options:
   Option 1: Do nothing … as most of you have done in past.
   Option 2: Sell your home and leave Hillsborough for a lower tax township. Say good-bye to all your friends and all the time, effort, and money you spent personalizing your dream home here in Hillsborough.
   Option 3: Fight back. The United States is one of the few countries in the world where you have the legal right to fight this type of tyranny. New Jersey Statute NJSA Title 40 gives all of you the legal right to forcefully recall the entire Township Committee using nothing more than a petition. The mayor and all his staff can be removed in as little as a month as political penalty for their decision. Remember, they betrayed you.
   Many have also suggested removing the man who started this whole fiasco to begin with: Dr. Robert Gulick, School Superintendent. NJSA Title 18A, NJSA Title 40, and NJSE Title 6 all contain provisions for firing your school superintendent. The process begins with a petition which then leads to a court hearing where evidence is then presented showing how Dr. Gulick has brought financial hardship to the community. A judge can then declare the man "terminated." The legal process takes three to six months.
   There is much benefit in removing these people from power. Three members of the state Legislature recently (and unofficially) told me that a political rebellion of this type would be so embarrassing to Gov. James E. McGreevey that he would be forced to sign legislation enabling a Constitutional Convention just to save face. The Constitutional Convention is an Initiative and Referendum bill that would eventually eliminate school taxes from property taxes. As of this moment, Gov. McGreevey currently does not believe the property tax system needs to be overhauled.
   Well, folks, it’s all up to you whether you want to run, fight, or sing a refrain of, "Oops, I did it again."

Dr. Michael Munley
Brokaw Court