Editorial: There are many ways to give all year long

By: Mae Rhine
   Christmas is over now, and as we glance at the bounty we’ve received, it’s only right we take a moment and think of those less fortunate.
   Christmas might have been a lot sadder for many of our local families if it weren’t for social service agencies, students and many of you.
   One that comes quickly to mind is the Adopt-A-Child program, run ably for several years by Terri Randol, a parent at New Hope-Solebury High School. She and her students collect the gifts donated by local families and wrap them to be delivered to Fisherman’s Mark in Lambertville, which then hands them out to the needy.
   For those who don’t have the time to do the shopping, the kids do it themselves.
   Fisherman’s Mark has long been noted for its help to the needy, and this is just another example of how it gives back to the community.
   Local food pantries make sure those less fortunate have something to eat. And churches and other organizations do their part to help the needy.
   When we get nervous and sad about all that’s bad in our world, we should stop and remember there is more good. There are people who care, and there always will be.
   We all should think about how we can help those less fortunate. And keep in mind, our time is as precious a gift as our money.
   So, with the new year approaching, let’s all resolve to try a little harder and help whenever we can.