Police seek kidnap suspect

By Joyce Blay
Staff Writer

By Joyce Blay
Staff Writer

Police sketch of suspectPolice sketch of suspect

JACKSON — The Sixty Acres condominium complex was the scene of an aggravated assault and attempted kidnapping of a 28-year-old woman on July 29.

According to information released by the Jackson Police Department, the woman, who is a resident of Sixty Acres, was walking her dog along Sixty Acre Boulevard near Azalea Circle when the suspect approached her.

She told police the car he was driving was a mid-sized, older, four-door car with a large dent on the passenger-side rear door.

The woman described the color of the vehicle as either brown, gold or silver.

The man asked the victim for directions, then exited the car and approached her, saying he did not understand and needed clarification. He asked the woman to accompany him.

Police said the driver then grabbed the woman by her hair and wrists and forced her into the car by entering the passenger door and dragging her in after him. The assailant then attempted to drive away with the victim hanging out of the passenger door.

Police said the victim reported that the suspect drove a short distance before releasing her. She fell to the pavement out of the moving car.

Several nearby residents heard the woman’s screams and observed the suspect leaving the scene. Someone called the police.

The suspect is described as a white male in his early 30s, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a medium build, dark blond hair and a goatee.

The victim sustained minor injuries and was treated at the emergency room of Kimball Med-ical Center, Lakewood.

At press time Tuesday, Lt. Rick Ferrarelli said that no arrest had been made.

He said anyone who has seen a person resembling the police sketch made of the assailant should contact Detective Burt Salisbury at (732) 928-1145.